ESA's Robotic Tiger 'Rosetta' Closing to Comet.

Guys-> Look at that Comet's Surface incredibly visible at Eye Sight and it is considered Gift from GOD for those who live Currently....MashaALLAH.
This image was taken from a distance of 130 kilometers from Comet by Rosetta...and..
...No one ever closed up on Comet or Icy Dirty ball in Human's History as it Speed have Reached nearly 42 Kilometers Per Second when in normal and it's Speed increased further as 480km Per Second when it closes to Sun ,which means its Speed depends upon the shape of their Orbits...but ESA's Rosetta Spacecraft does approached it for Land on.
Rosetta is a Robotic Spacecraft Launched by European Space Agency or ESA in March 2004 to Hunt Comet and it was activated in January 2014 after a record 957 days in Sleeping Mode, moreover it was Successfully Reached (Flyby) many Planets including Mars as well and now it arrived very closed to Comet for Land on it on coming November.