Hyundai 2020 family car runs on water and sunlight

hyundai 2020
Eco Factor: Zero-emission concept car powered by electricity.
MIT recently developed technology that could soon end up in cars that could recharge in seconds. But for some designers quick recharging isn’t the only way electric cars could be promoted. Designers like Nicolas Stone believe solar energy is the future and cars manufacturers should sooner or later venture into designs that generate their own fuel with on-board systems.
hyundai 2020 1
The designer has come up with a new family car designed for Hyundai dubbed the Hyundai 2020. The small car is aimed toward a family of four people.
hyundai 2020 2
Inspired by plants, the car generates fuel for itself using nothing more than sunlight and water, the two fuels for plants to carry out their natural processes.

hyundai 2020 3
The transparent solar cells that the car is equipped with generates electricity from ambient light and uses it to carry out electrolysis of water, finally generating hydrogen, which fuels the car.
hyundai 2020 4
The only by-product of the car engine will be clean potable water and breathable oxygen.
hyundai 2020 5
The Dark Side:
The overall design of the car looks pleasing and the technology used by Nicholas ensures a pleasant ride. However, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen and then storing hydrogen in an on-board tank seems a complicated and a risky mechanism, not to mention the cost of incorporating this technology in a small car.