Impact and effect of corruption on public life is mostly adverse and awkward.
But it appears that the corruption is ever rising and unstoppable. Further the people involved in corruption seem to be proud of themselves and think it is courageous and respectable to be so.
To worsen the condition further, those involved in corruption are getting better promotions and opportunities. People also have developed an opinion (frame of mind) that it is the only way to get their work done in a fast and desired manner.

Impact & Effects of corruption on public life

Lack of quality in services: If a person has to purchase a like medicine, due to corruption in education then the candidate after completion of his course will not like to provide quality health service if there is not enough remuneration for his service. Further candidates who do not have the ability can also get into the same seat by purchasing it. So though he becomes a medical practitioner, he may not be competent enough.
Lack of proper justice: Corruption in judiciary system, leads to improper justice. And the victims of offence might suffer.
Disregard for officials: People start disregarding the official involved in corruption by talking negatively about him. But when they have work with him or her, they again approach them by a thought that the work is done if some monetary or other benefits are provided. Disregard towards officials will also build distrust.
Lack of respect for rulers: Rulers of the nation like president or prime ministers lose respect among the public. Respect is main criteria in social life. People go for voting during election not only with the desire to improve their living standards by the election winner but also with respect for the leader. If the politicians involve in corruption, people knowing this will lose respect for them and will not like to cast their vote for such politicians
Decrease in foreign investment: There are many incident where in foreign investments which were willing to come to India have gone back owing to heavy corruption in the government bodies.
Lack of faith and trust on the person & governments: People vote to a ruler based on their faith in him/ her. But if found to be involved in corruption people lose faith in them and may not vote next time.
Aversion for joining the posts linked to corruption: Sincere, honest and hard working people develop aversion to apply for the post though they like to as they believe that they also need to be involved in corruption if they get into post.
Lack of development: Many new industries wiling to get started in particular region change their plans if the region is found to be highly corrupt. This hinders the company growth as every work linked to officials get delayed due to need to provide bribes or other benefits.