Remarkable and innovative green buildings in the USA

Eco-friendly, green and sustainable buildings are a necessity of the modern age. For promoting eco-friendly architecture, the American Institute of Architect organizes a competition every year. This competition is controlled by the Committee on the Environment. Awards are given to the best green buildings every year. The judgment is based on some crucial factors related with eco-friendly structures. A building that uses every natural resource optimally and curbs the carbon emissions effectively can be considered a green building. Listed here are five of the best green buildings that have received awards.

Sustainability Tree house

The Sustainability Tree House has received the award for being one of the best green buildings of 2014 by the Committee on the Environment. This building belongs to the Boy Scouts of America. The design of this building situated in the West Virginia is a high performance one. It is now being considered an epitome of outdoor adventures.
Bud Clark Commons USA

Bud Clark Commons

Homelessness is one of the biggest socio-economic problems faced by the modern world. The Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness of Portland revolves around the construction of a green building, which will accommodate the homeless people. The structure has been built by Holst Architecture. The building offers modern amenities to the homeless people who now reside here.
Arizona State University Student Health Services USA

Arizona State University Student Health 

The Arizona State University Student Health Services has been reconstructed to make the building more attractive and eco-friendly. The building is now more organized and energy efficient. It has been made in such a way that it is now capable of providing better services to the students.
Bushwick Inlet Park USA
Bushwick Inlet Park
A Brooklyn waterfront has been evolved into a magnificent public park. The waterfront previously belonged to Brownfield Industrial Strip but the Kiss+Cathcart Architects gave it the best possible makeover. It was not easy to transform such an industrially used area into an eco-friendly public park but the architects have made it possible by restoring the health of the soil.
John & Frances Angelos Law Center

John & Frances Angelos Law Center

This green building comprises of classrooms, administrative offices, law library. and faculty offices. It is rare to have buildings with such a variety of options available. The Behnisch Architekten has integrated different utilitarian facilities together to make it useful for multiple purposes.
Construction can be taxing on the environment. Good designers and architects understand best practices, and have created remarkable structures that very well deserve applause.