Why Engineering?

This is an era of technology advancement and people are crazy about ENGINEERING more than ever before.
The discipline of Engineering has lost its charm it had in 80's and 90's. Today, Engineering is just a course available to anyone who has more fortune. In recent past it is witnessed that majority of students graduates as engineers with a mushrooming of end number of engineering colleges throughout the country. Why is it so?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a career in engineering.

Engineers have diverse careers
Engineers are in demand
Engineers get to do cool stuff
Engineers work everywhere
Engineers get to travel
Engineers work on interesting projects
Engineers have a good work/life balance
Engineers can earn good money
Engineers have a great lifestyle

In the present world the present scenario where every parents has a stereo type thinking that the graduation done by their children should only be in engineering degree. they set their beliefs so strongly in their minds of children to pursue engineering as their way of life.

Now a question arises why is there such a craziness?
the reason is the amount of respect shown to those people who have an engineering degree. They had enjoyed an edge over the other in the past and it's continued for years to come.

Many students without proper understanding what they are opting for commit their mistake and regret later in future.Engineers held 1.5 million jobs, according to 2012 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates. The greatest number of these jobs were in electrical and electronics engineering (295,520), civil engineering (258,100), mechanical engineering (252,540) and industrial engineering (243,620).
Among engineering Mechanical engineering is more popular among all other engineering courses. why?

Mechanical Engineering is …

…design, machines, materials, energy, engines, research,motor vehicles, aircraft, power plants, building energy systems, manufacturing systems, robots, machine tools, the Canadarm, instrumentation, invention, environmental protection, computer disk drives, combustion, boilers, reactor vessels, control systems, medical equipment, consulting, Mars rovers, consumer products, metals, plastics, management, artificial hearts, wind and tidal power, composite materials, locomotives, jet engines, manufactured goods, ships, creativity, electronic chips, satellites, computer components, carbon-fibre tennis rackets, solar panels, industrial supplies, smart structures… After all mechanical engineering is called as the Mother of Engineering. 

Analyzing their strength and weakness plays a major role in choosing right path to be successful in life. the result of carious surveys indicates that an engineer along with a MBA degree has much more opportunities in future. management studies can really be helpful in awakening the managerial skills and take them to a greater heights in a course of time. Various organisation have fantastic carrier ahead for the employees those who have a strong foothold in both the disciplines.

Every dream of the parents is to see their beloved one to climb the ladders of success and not of defeat.
Finally, it is only our decision to choose for a future drice by ones passion that counts.

An unexamined life is not worth living
                                                             - Socrates.