India Claims That "Electric Power From Elephant's Urine is Possible ".

An Elephant Evacuate 5Litters of Urine per day, so 3.5 volt Power from 200 ml of Elephant Urine and 50 Litre Elephant's Urine Could Charge 12 volt battery which sufficient to operate 4 Lamps along with 4 fans for two days, as Reported Scientist.
As I said today "We Indians Are Coming" remember ?...that now occured true Today itself ".
An India's Scientists actually from Chennai identified MG Gireeshan has already had around 150 scientific inventions in his Credit who hold Post Graduation in Electronics and working as a Scientist at Bharat University Says that he could Generate 3.5 volt power from 200 ml of Elephant urine.
One needs an Anode and Cathode which act as electrodes and “The Elephant urine is the electrolyte, however When the Electrodes are inserted into the urine sample, it undergoes electrolysis generating power, as explained Gireeshan.