Top 10 facts about Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is a separate state under Turkish control

1. London 2012 gave Cyprus its first Olympic medal: a silver in men’s laser sailing.
2. Since 1974, Northern Cyprus has been declared a separate state under Turkish control. Turkey is the only country that recognises it.
3. The last monarch of Cyprus was Queen Catherine Cornaro, who abdicated in 1489.
4. Of all countries in the EU, only Luxembourg and Malta have smaller populations than Cyprus.
5. Cyprus came last in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1986. Its best result was fifth.
Cyprus, Eurozone, currency, economy, bank, top ten factsCyprus had cause to celebrate at London 2012 as the country won its first Olympic medal

6. The Cyprus Eurovision entry has usually been in Greek, sometimes in English but in 2007 it was in French.
7. Cyprus may be worrying about its image but Cyprus is the only member of the UN whose name has no letters in common with the word ‘image’.
8. Christopher Pissarides, who was born in Cyprus, won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2010.
9. In 2004, archaeologists found the remains of a person buried with a cat on Cyprus. Dating back about 9,500 years, this is the oldest known pet cat.
10. There is a map of Cyprus on its flag, the only nation to do so until Kosovo did the same in 2008