Top 10 Problems in the World Today

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t uttered this sentence once in his life. Everybody has problems. Everybody worries about it. But have we ever thought about every people in the world? Have we ever had noted what problems our world faces today? Have you ever asked people around you “what do you think is the biggest problem in the world today?” Well, if you do, you certainly are going to get a lot of different answers.
We might be loaded with technology. But with the advancement in our lifestyle, we now have to face many issues. There are a whole lot of things that bothers a whole of population in the world today. Yes, we should think about solving the problems. But to solve a problem, we first need to identify and understand it. In order to make our earth a better place to live for our children and our children’s children, we need to know what problems our world faces and how we can solve them.
Below are the top 10 problems that out world is facing today.

10. War and terrorism

war and terrorism- problems in the world today

War is so common in the world today, and especially in the third world countries. Many countries in the world are engulfed by war. Civil war, ethnic war, cold war, identity wars have been the cause of ruining human civilizations. First and second world wars, ethnic war in Sri Lanka, Vietnam War etc are some of the examples of wars that have made damages the world is still recovering from. No one has forgotten 9/11. People still live in fear and terror in most of the Islamic countries. Freedom has been ditched and murdered by terrorism all over the world. Terrorism could make it impossible to imagine any free society. Our next generation might end up growing up surrounded by nuclear weapons, terrorism and human genocide. Who knows war could be the next 2012- the end of the world?

9. Obesity

obesity- problems in the world today

Have you watched yourself in the mirror and discovered that you don’t even fit in it? Have you been lazier than you were a year ago? Do you need to try hard fitting into your old cloths? Obese alert! You might soon be fat, NOT chubby- fat. There could be various reasons. Sitting in front of television and computer all day long could be one. Other reason that plays a vital role could be fast foods. Do you dislike eating healthy homemade food? Do you jump in joy when you get to have fast foods? Instead of playing outdoors, our children today spend the whole time inside with TV, computers and video games. Obesity not just makes you diseased and fat, it also has social effects in a person’s life. Low self esteem, frustration, depression etc are the results of obesity. It also causes diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. So, maybe we should now jump from fast foods to homemade healthy food. We should teach our children to go play outside more often.

8. Drinking water

pure drinking water- problems in the world today

We all have been thirsty. We know what it feels like. Have you ever thought of a situation where you want to drink water so bad but cannot find any around you? Yes. That is the problem faced by the world today. According to a recent research, 1.4 million children die each year due to lack of enough supply of drinking water. A large part of the world’s population lives without the access to clean drinking water. Women in many places in the world need to travel hours to fetch water. Deforestation, global warming and population growth are causing to dry the water sources. If the problem of lack of access to clean drinking water is solved, many other related problems can be solved.

7. Climate change

climate change- problems in the world today

Climate change doesn’t happen itself. We human are a major reason for it. Burning fossil fuels, greenhouse gases are few reasons of climate change. Our mountains are melting as a result of climate change. Who knows when our world could be drowned by water as a result of melting of the mountains? Rise in sea level and temperature could invite more diseases which could make it difficult to live. Due to climate change, it could become harder to produce crops. Winters will become more biting and summer will be higher temperatures. Human beings are being inhuman to nature and exploiting it to the bits. It is said that man is the worst enemy of environment. It’s the time to prove this assumption wrong.

6. Refugee

refugee- problems in the world today

People are forced to flee from their nation due to many fears of persecutions.  As to UNHCR, the number of refugee that is recognized by it stands 10.4 million (2013). There are number of reasons behind a man being termed as “asylum seeker” (refugee). The racial background, his political opinion, his religion views and many other things forces them to seek for livelihood in other nation. In the year 1959, more than 150,000 Tibetans were forced to flee from Tibet after its conflict with China. And a lot of them now stay in India and Nepal with no future as they don’t hold any sorts of passports and nationality although a huge number may have born in that particular region. Meanwhile, in the year 1991 more than 100,000 Nepalese ethnic communities were forced to leave the kingdom of Bhutan. In the year 1979, due to the invasion of Russia over Afghanistan followed by the U. S attack led to more than 6 million Afghanis to flee Afghanistan to neighboring Pakistan and Iran. This is a huge issue faced by the world today.

5. Unemployment

unemployment- problems in the world today

Do you often see young people just lurking around doing no job? Well, there are a lot of people doing that. According to ILO, there were 73 million jobless people in the world in 2013. Unemployment has been escalating since people lack skills and education. It has become more difficult to find jobs that match their skills and knowledge. There also are cases in which people choose not to work. Few countries do not allow women to work.  Leaders seem to be more concerned about this issue but just in words. They promise to work on solving it but in vain. What we need today is skilled manpower that can take risk and start working. Unemployment is the biggest crisis faced by the world today.

4. Severe Income Disparity

severe income disparity- problems in the world today

The income disparity is amongst the biggest issue that our world is facing. The income inequality amongst the population affects the whole economy of a nation. Basically, the population of the developing nation faces such disparity but however, the financial crisis has led in disparities in developed nations too. With Globalization, the purchasing power of the products by the middle class seems to be difficult keeping inflation in hand. The sustainable growth of the nation gets affected and the pace of disparity increases in longer terms. The tax system levied by the Government to its citizen does have some contribution in disparity. So the progressive tax system can be the way to eliminate disparity to some extent.

3. Poverty

poverty- problems in the world today

Most of us are busy gobbling up food four or five times a day. Do we know what being starved feels like? We have good food to eat in our part of the world. But there are people who drink infected water to relieve their hunger. Maybe if we bring a group of rich people in the world together shed light on poverty in front of them, they would do something about it. Poverty has whelmed not just third world countries but also the country like United States. Poverty doesn’t exist by itself, but by the uneven distribution of wealth among the people in the world. The food few people waste is enough to fill the stomach of the poverty stroke people in the world.

2. Population growth

population growth- problems in the world today

If you get off to the market, you might not find what you actually were looking for but you certainly will find a monstrous crowd that’ll suck the soul out of your body. The world’s natural sources are limited compare to its population. The shortage of natural resources and diversity makes increasing population even bigger issue that the world has encountered.  Not only limited to the natural resources, the world faces bigger issue with unemployment, poverty and disparities.  The current World population measures the staggering 7 billion (approx) and it is growing at 1.14 % a year despite all of the remedies taken. The population has increased due to high growth rate in developing nation due to unavailability of protective measures and proper knowledge regarding the consequences.
The increasing population is destroying nature in order to fulfill their desires which have lead in other natural disaster too, affecting even more on living beings.

1. Drug abuse

drug abuse- problems in the world

A large number of our youths have proneness to drug abuse. There could be various reasons for someone to get into drug abuse. Peer pressure, family issues or an urge to experience a different feeling or thrill and similar things could add up as a reason for a development of this bad habit. We usually view drug addiction as a social stigma and discard those people who are plunged into it. Not just the person who does it suffers, but also the people and society related to them does. Those drug chemicals get into the brain’s communication cells and disrupt the way it receives, sends and manages information. It’s really depressing to have someone you love or care for have drug abuse.


These aren’t the only problems the world is facing today. There are numerous other problems prevailing in the world. The differences between east and west have created a line between developed countries and the third world countries. We actually need to work on solving these problems instantly by running several awareness campaigns and national or international level projects. We certainly need to do something about it and make the world a good place to live in.