Importance of Our Parents In Our Lives

I am sure that most of the people reading this post fall in an age group of 20-35. This is a reason for choosing the topic of this post. We all say that childhood days were the best times of our lives. We grow up. We settle in our own lives. We have a family, a job, our children whose future we have to secure and many such responsibilities. To some or the other extent, we manage all of our responsibilities to our potential.
Do we ever give a thought to this point that who has made us capable or able enough to handle all these issues? When we were children, we did not know anything, but today, in lesser or greater amount we learn things and manage them. It’s our elders, our parents who have made us what we are, who we are. Whatever we are capable of, is their gift. But after all this, it was sad to realize the fact that is prevailing across different corners of the world. The topic of “Satyamev Jayate”, an Indian television show was “Old Age – Sunset Years, Sunshine Life”. It covered the issue of the deplorable conditions faced by the elders in India.
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It was shocking to understand that those parents, who devoted their entire life in upbringing of their children, were being sent to old age homes and were left unattended and uncared by their own children who today give more importance to their own family life with their children and wife. I did not understand how someone can be so inconsiderate. How some children cannot show their gratitude to those who lived their life only for building their children’s life.
The show covered a story where a son, asked his parents to move out of the house. He believed that whatever his parents did for him was normal and it’s their duty which every parent does. Another story covered a lady who was left out of her own house after her husband expired. Her son did not allow her back in the house. She was knocking at the door for hours, but her son’s heart did not melt. Many more of such incidents were covered in the show. What is it that is changing the mentality of today’s generation?
  • Today life has become more of a race. People, instead of enjoying it, want to win it. Their career and their activities have become so important for them that their loved ones are of lesser value to them. The husband runs for office at 8am and rushes back home at 8pm. In a race to make his career more promising, he doesn’t have time for his parents who have then grown old.
  • Also, with the increasing expectation and needs of their children and wife, people find it difficult or rather find the expenses of their parents a burden upon them.
But are these points really valid. Even our parents must have gone through these times, but they did not succumb to these situations and took everyone along and moved on. Then what is it that has changed today?
  • It is our expectations from life that has increased. We have become so materialistic that our core values have remained of hardly any importance to us.
  • We have become so much egoistic that we are not able to think of anything else than our own selves.
  • Such children feel that they are able to take their own decisions and consider their elders’ thoughts and ideas as interference in their personal life.
We all need to introspect for our own selves and try and analyze these points. We will understand that where this path will lead us at the end. Today, if we are treating our parents in such miserable ways, then we must remember that tomorrow even we have to grow old. No one on this land has had that nectar for staying young throughout their lives. Old age will come to us also and then we must be ready in case we have to face the same brunt from our children. This is true because our children will also learn from what we are doing. That day we will realize our mistake and probably it would have been too late.
Apart from all this, it was very inspiring and a slight relief that many of our old age parents and such senior citizens have took it upon themselves to work out with such situations. They have made themselves independent mentally and financially that they do not have to regret in their old age. They are not only helping themselves but have even taken up an initiative to help out other old age people who have gone through difficult times. With this, one thing is clear that at the end of the day, if they can bring up their children, they can even bring up themselves and they do not need anyone, but their will.
Guys! As I mentioned at the start, all of us reading this article must be somewhere in age range of 20-35. We must understand that life is short and every moment of it has to be made valuable. We need to love life, enjoy it and only then we will be able to understand its core values; those values which have been imbibed in us by our parents, our elders. If we cannot love them, at least we must be considerate with respect to whatever they have done for us. As humans, at least we must try that much.

Love can change a person the way a parent can change a baby