Charge Yourself – A solar powered charging station

Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives, and now it is hard, in fact impossible to think of our survival without cell phones. They solve so many purposes for us and they have made our lives much simpler and comfortable. Smartphones are like small packets that offer a wide range of facilities. However, there is one little problem that makes our wonder Smartphones annoying, and that is when they run out of battery.
Charge Yourself
In our busy lives, we all keep traversing from one place to another and sometimes we all get stuck at a place where there is no facility to charge a phone. Suppose you are on your way to a meeting, you get stuck in a jam, and on top of it your Smartphone runs out of battery. Such a situation sometimes makes our condition so bad that all we can do is to lose our mind. However, now a solution can save us from this annoying situation. That solution is, Charge Yourself.
Charge Yourself is a modern and an eco-friendly design that is a brainchild of Tal Bahar, a student of the Bezalel Academy of the Arts. Bahar thought a lot regarding how to take away people’s stress they take to charge their phones and to keep them working for the entire day. After days of research work, Bahar finally came up with this design of a charging station, and its two main features are- the solar power usage and the Wi-Fi connectivity.
Charge Yourself _2
Bahar has put in all efforts and skill to come up with something that could give people a phone charging facility in the most unlikely places as well. The design looks like a shady bench with a solar panel on the top. Charge Yourself is a design that rejuvenates our cells and us too, as in it gives power to our cells and we can sit on the bench, relax, and take a good break.
Charge Yourself consists of three wooden seats, each with their individual charging surface and a phone holder. A solar panel powers each charging surface and helps charge any mobile device. The phone holders allow people to go through their mails and exchange texts while it gets charged. The design seems like a perfect solution to the Smartphone charging woes in the modern world, but it is only helpful for the phones that have a Wi-Fi charging portability.
In the modern age of mobile phones, it helps to be prepared with something that can provide charging on the go. Powerbanks are good for quick use, and something like the Charge Yourself has the ability to be useful over a prolonged period of time.