Eco-Friendly DIY Projects to Sustain the Environment.

Many of us enjoy doing the cool do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that are fun and interesting. Here are some eco friendly DIY projects that would be perfect for nature enthusiasts and thus help you play your part in sustaining the environment.
The Solar Kiln
The Solar Kiln
The Solar Kiln was actually the work of the students and staff at Virginia Tech University that was improvised later by Dorybob. The invention is actually a big woodshed that has a roof like a greenhouse. This box is the perfect place to store your wet wood that is in the drying process. The wood will be ready in no time to go into the oven. This is the perfect DIY project for those who are suffering from extremely cold, wet weather.
The Reverse Trike Powered by Solar Energy
The Reverse Trike
Designed by Farrukh Khan, this DIY eco friendly transportation project just takes less than twenty days for completion. This three-wheeler or trike runs entirely on solar energy and is lightweight and compact. By making use of a solar panel, the battery generates energy and thereby powers the DC motor. The vehicle has two front wheels and a single rear wheel, hence called the Reverse Trike.
Solar Charging Station
solar charging station
This DIY solar charging station is simple to develop on your own. You need not to worry about your electricity bills with this device, as it is easy to build with a budget of $100 and can be fixed with ease as well. This is the perfect solution for catering to your small power needs, as it is cost effective and the instructions for the DIY project are very simple to follow.
Rocket Grill
Rocket Grill by Bennelson
Bennelson has figured out a way to barbeque during the summers in a green manner by replacing charcoal with biofuels. With Rocket Grill, you get no smoke and optimal combustion and it is portable too. The other benefit is that the device requires zero maintenance, as it never burns or rusts. This DIY project is excellent for those who enjoy welding.
The Triple Compost Bin
The Triple Compost Bin
This DIY project not only converts a large mass of organic waste into garden fertilizer but it is very easy to use as well. The end result is commendable, as the compost goes through three stages and provides ample time for various materials to decompose and breakdown.
With these amazing and creative DIY green projects, you can now explore beyond your obvious set of ideas with some fascinating results. Apart from enjoying the fun of doing it yourself, you can also contribute to your environment in a positive way.