Green and clean public transport systems of the future

Multitudes of people take the help of public transport in order to traverse from one place to another. Public transportation systems move several people together from one destination to another, and overall manage to show a higher efficiency than individual movement. In recent years, the public transportation system has developed a lot and some amazing green futuristic transportation systems are in the pipeline, which will be ready for use in the near future, some as soon as a decade. The futuristic concepts are being designed in a way that they will be of great help to make the roads and the transport system safer, greener, and energy efficient. Read on to see some examples of aforementioned systems.
Solar Bullet
Solar Bullet
Solar Bullet is a project that aims to bring high-speed (354 km/h) trains to Arizona in the near future. The system is planning to use a rail track equipped with solar panels that would supply the required amount of electricity (110 megawatts) to the system. The project is at the R&D stage right now, and it has plans to use not just solar energy but wind energy as well.
Smart Car
smart car (2)
The urban cities often face the transportation problem and an ideal way to solve this problem is to make small cars like the Smart Car. A compact electric car is green, and is perfect for urban cities where the roads are congested.
The Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT)
The Evacuated Tube Transport
This system has a plan to operate superconducting maglev trains at a high speed of up to 6,500 km/h in evacuated tubes. The proponents of this system claim that it would be fifty times more efficient than other electric trains.
Tubular Rails
Tubular Rails
This system is a brainchild of Robert C. Pulliam. The Tubular Rails themselves carry the tracks, the elevated rings contain the rail’s wheels and motors, and its speed is around 240 km/h. This system would cost sixty percent less than the traditional train systems.
Shweeb is a human powered mass transport system. A monorail system is human powered and it uses bicycle pods that suspend from tracks and serve as an efficient option to transport a person from one place to another. If you want to experience the Shweeb ride at present, then visit Agroventures in New Zealand. There you can ride Shweeb at a speed of 45 km/h.
There is a dire need to come up with such transportation system that is green, safe, and suitable for congested areas of urban cities, and several efforts are being made in that direction.