Helios, the wireless solar powered headphone that has looks and technology.

Headphones are a must-have item for so many of us. It helps us transcend to a different world and reside there with our thoughts. We use headphones all day long for listening to music, working, and playing games. Unfortunately, wireless headphones cannot work for longer hours and their batteries drain out quite too soon for our liking.
Helios 4
Helios is a new project launched on the Kickstarter platform, and is grabbing many eyeballs. The fresh idea paired with new technology has helped it generate £3,212. The minimum pledging amount for this unique solar powered headphone is just £1. Every dollar contributed for this project will help the makers in realizing their product and marketing it. The specialty of Helios is that it offers longer active hours without losing battery juices.
Wireless technology is the next step towards innovation

Helios 3
Helios headset uses wireless technology and takes it some steps further. This headset promises to offer an amazing amount of mobility, flexibility and freedom to the users. Wireless technology in mobile phones and other popular devices drink up a huge portion of the battery juices. The makers of Helios have kept this in mind while designing there headphone. They have focused on ways to reduce the charge draining.
The nomad headset can be used by adventurous individuals who suffer from wanderlust and also for the busy-bees, always on the go. They have cleverly incorporated a solar film in the design of the amount of solar energy absorbed and turned into electrical energy by the solar film is more than sufficient for powering the solar headset. The solar film will work even when the sky is covered with clouds. Sun is the ultimate source of clean and free energy.
Helios 1
Helios brilliantly utilizes the energies of sun for giving non-stop performance to the users. The makers have already patented the product. The solar film has been mounted on the top of the headphone. It works wirelessly by utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The solar film charges the battery by absorbing the solar power. This system makes it the perfect choice for hikers and travelers. The user can also recharge the battery through AC outlet. The accumulated solar energy of the device cannot be used for powering other devices.
Helios has been created using a non-polluting technology which helps it perform without stopping. The batteries are charged by solar power created by the solar film on top.