It is all eco friendly with LG Sky Charger..

LG has made a respectable name for the self by fulfilling the promise it made in the recent past to emerge as a greener company. Sky charger’s launch is an invention that justifies the promise so made. LG’s Sky Charger is a gigantic mobile phone charger. It has the ability to charge 144 cell phones in an hour’s time. This huge charger runs on solar and wind energies.
Now, you may be wondering that if there is no sun and no wind around, this invention will generate no charging at all. However, that will never be the case. LG has moved far ahead than you can expect, in the making of the Sky Charger. In the times, when the sun is behind the ominous clouds, and when there is no wind, it initiates the charging using the energy previously stored. This invention is thus best rated for large music festivals that take place around the world.
LG’s Sky Charger
Sky Charger is a rare design resembling a large tent. It has 144 lockers; each locker has a relevant cell phone charger attached to one central generator. You can attach your phone to the charger in one of the lockers, lock it and come back after an hour to take the cell phone back. LG has done a commendable job in thinking of promoting renewable energy and that too at such a vast scale.
LG has projected itself as a large-hearted company as they did not confine the Sky Charger to only LG mobile phones. The only disadvantages that are associated with the Sky Charger are those of being limited in its use to huge festivals, stage shows, and large public gatherings etc and that of not being able to charge Palm cell phones. You cannot think of having the huge sky charger all to your own self.
Social Responsibility
Businessman holding green seedling with soil
Considering the aspects of the environment conditions today, it is very important that all multinational companies understand their social responsibility towards the betterment of the environment just in the manner LG did. This will compel the designers to come out with more environment friendly devices and technologies that help in the promotion of the concept of sustainable and holistic development, which is the current need of the hour.
Sky Charger is the innovation driven by LG. this is huge charger that juices approximately 144 cell phones simultaneously with the help of solar and wind energy.