The quest for alternate, sustainable and abundant energy sources is a never ending one. A lot of homes are already being powered by alternate sources of energy. While some of these sources are really ingenious, some tend to be a bit weird, even morbid at times. Here are 5 such ideas that may be weird, but can effectively power your home.
Apple’s Solar Powered DevicesAppleā€™s Solar Powered DevicesApple’s next gen devices would purportedly feature a sapphire glass screen that would double as a solar panel to charge the device. Considering the fact that the company has already filed over 8 solar patents and has hired a group of thin film engineers, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if these devices hit the market soon.
Solar Paint
Solar PaintWhat if we tell you that the paint you choose for your home’s exterior walls can actually double as solar panels? This weird concept has been made a reality by the University of Cambridge and the University of Sheffield. The joint efforts of these universities has resulted in the development of miniscule solar cells that can be spray painted onto several surfaces like walls, windows and roofs. This technology would allow every household to get access to low cost solar technology which would in turn power their homes for a greener lifestyle.
Sludgeto electricity
Sludgeto electricityImage Source : ScienceDaily.Com
Sludge is a common product of waste treatment plants and factories that usually goes to waste. However, the University of Nevada in Reno is in the process of generating electricity via a gasification process achieved by burning dried sludge. The machine built by the team of researchers would transform the liquid sludge into a dried powder which can then be used to produce low cost electricity.
Footsteps to Electricity
Footsteps to Electricity
How about using your footprints to generate electricity? That’s what a school in New York aims to achieve. The school has installed tiles in the school corridors which would convert the kinetic energy derived from students walking on these tiles, into electricity. The tiles can be installed both inside and outside, and can effectively product enough electricity to power a large phone charging system. So imagine what it could do for your home.
Urine and feces to electricity
Urine and feces to electricityImage Source : AbetterToilet.Org
Most of us cringe at the very mention of urine or feces. However, recent research indicates at the possibility of using urine and feces to power lights and produce electricity. Feces contains a natural gas called methane which can be used to generate electricity or provide fuel for cars.
We have seen quite a few interesting eco-friendly ideas to power up a home. While using solar paint, sludge and even human feces for the same purpose can seem a bit weird, there is no denying the fact these can be equally effective in powering up your home.