Gone are the days when solar powered tents were no more than hideous shelters with bulky solar panels strapped on their back. The more recent solar powered tents are anything but their predecessors in terms of both style and functionality. Achieving the perfect balance between these two factors, these tents can surely change the way you think about sustainable living or camping for that matter. Here are some unique solar powered tents for sustainable campers.
Bang Bang Tents
Bang Bang Tents by Rob Bertucci
Designed by Rob Bertucci, former MTV festival presenter, Bang Bang tents present a vivid alternative to your ordinary solar powered tent. These tents can accommodate up to four people at a time and generate adequate electricity to power your phones, cameras, speakers and even your computer. However, the highlight of these tents is their fun, quirky and colorful design. The tents come in six different designs imitating tribal prints, rustic digital log print, candy jellybeans, gorgeous green grass, psychedelic purple patterns, etc.
The tents come with a solar panel attached to the back to soak up the sunrays. Apart from that, these tents are extremely lightweight and can be set up easily. They are made of extra strong fabric to resist the harsh weather conditions.
Chill n Charge Tent
Chill n Charge Tent by Orange
Orange has developed a new concept solar powered tent called Chill n Charge that combines modern design and flexible solar fabric to create a tent that offers a comfortable stay outdoors while charging your gear.
The concept involves utilizing innovative solar threads woven into the tent’s conventional fabric to absorb sunrays without interfering with the tent’s integral function. The design also features a wireless control hub to indicate the amount of energy generated and consumed, while offering Wi-Fi signal and wireless charging pouches. The icing on the cake is the app controlled RFID technology that would make the tent glow at night.
Solar Powered Tent from Eddie Bauer and Goal Zero
Solar Powered Tent from Eddie Bauer and Goal Zero
Eddie Bauer and Goal Zero have joined hands to produce a solar powered tent that would offer protection from the weather elements while allowing you to charge you devices. It features a built in solar panel attached to the roof that links to the Goal Zero charging system internally. The electricity, thus produced, is sufficient to charge mobiles, iPods and even laptops.
Solar powered tents are becoming brighter, funkier and more colorful. Deviating from the standard designs, these solar powered tents show that you can achieve a sustainable lifestyle without compromising style and fun elements.